A school you
can trust

A school you can trust

This is my second lesson with Kirt. He is very friendly and nice. He has Good teaching skills, lane change, and other skills to pass driving test. It was comfortable and good lesson.Masanori S.
I took my test today at the DMV in Vallejo. Mani is my instructor, he cares about his customer and he wants them to get the license. Today I passed my DMV exam and I'm am very happy. I like the local driving school team they are very friendly.Bernadette G.
I had a great experience with Local Driving School! My instructor, Iris, was the absolute best-- she's been an invaluable asset to my learning to drive safely. She is super professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I highly recommend her; everything she taught me is something I know I will reference at my DMV exam and every time I get behind the wheel. Definitely would recommend Local to friends and family.Brianna, R.
Today was my daughter's second session with Kirt. He is very friendly and informative. My daughter said he is very nice and comfortable to drive with. Also said he is a good instructor. Highly recommend Kirt as your driving instructor. (5/25/2019)Peris, Kayla

Online Driver’s Ed

In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Registering
    First you must register and fill out the relevant information. Upon registering you can login
    and begin the course immediately.
  2. Course
    The course is 30 hours long and is split into 10 sections. You can take as long as you need. Once complete, you will unlock the final test and pass this course.
  3. Certificate
    Once you pass, the final test we will send you the certificate of completion via mail and you can move on to the next part of getting your license.

Vehicle Handling & Basic Driving
Urban & Freeway Driving
Test Preparation & Practice
Defensive Driving techniques
Parallel Parking
Nighttime Driving

How does the process work?

Getting The
  • Take Online Driver’s Ed – 30hr course
  • Receive Certificate of Completion (Pink)
  • Take written test at DMV with the
    following documents
Behind the
Wheel Practice
  • Take 6 hours of practice with a driving school
  • Receive Certificate of Completion (Gold)
  • Get at least 50 hours of practice with a
    licensed adult (age 25 &up)
Taking the
  • DMV Road Test
  • Note: Local Driving School can also arrange your driving test with the DMV, on your behalf, if you prefer.

Driving Lesson Requirements

Ages 15 1/2 – 18

  • All minors must have 6 hours of professional practice with a DMV licensed instructor.
  • A parent or adult over 25 years old must provide 50 hours of in-car training (10 hours at night).
  • Any lessons beyond the 6 hours with a DMV licensed instructor will be counted towards the 50 hours.

Ages 18+

  • Up-to-date traffic laws and Defensive Driving Tecniques
  • Practice driving exams

  • Insurance companies may offer discounts for taking driving courses
  • Our Driver’s training is proven to help reduce your risk of an accident!